• precise attribution for mobile app

    affiliate marketing

Oplytic was designed with both retailer and affiliate in mind. We know how valuable that relationship is to everyone’s overall success.

By leveraging native campaign tracking provided by iOS and Android, Oplytic tracks installs, actions and purchases within mobile apps providing precise attribution and reattribution to affiliate partners.

Leverage Affiliate for App Growth

Precise tracking on last click

Oplytic focuses on this one piece of the mobile app marketing channel to make sure attribution is perfect.
  • Users link to the right page – even on first install
  • Publishers earn more money
  • Merchants acquire more high quality app users

Pay for Performance

Reward affiliates when their promotion and marketing results in an in-app purchase or commissionable action.
  • Publishers earn revenue when users shop in your app
  • Capitalize on mature affiliate programs to acquire mobile app users
  • Achieve a high ROI with the low risk

​Oplytic integrates seamlessly between your affiliate partners, Mobile Analytics Platform, Web Analytics Platform, CRM and DMPs allowing for a full measurement picture.